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Welcome to MacKenzie's

Our story is a bit unique.  We had no intentions of starting a business at the beginning of summer in 2020, but things have a silly way of panning out like that sometimes. 

At the beginning of 2020 our daughter had come to us asking if we could help her raise some funds to buy her own Reining horse so that she could take lessons and start competing. Given that your average Reiner costs thousands of dollars, we knew that she needed to start with a project pony to train herself and then sell to raise the funds needed for her own Reining horse. So we started a lemonade stand...

As the word spread in our neighborhood, town and the Reining community, people from all over the DFW area started flocking to our stand in support of our daughter and purchased the lemonade, and our baked goods that she was selling. As the summer wore on, we had NUMEROUS requests to start a bakery as our town and nearby towns did not have one. After much thought and discussion with the family, we decided to go into business July of 2020.  The business took off shortly after and has remained steady ever since.

We have since partnered with The Madelyn Wedding & Event Venue in Collinsville and will be making their Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes for their Bridal packages. I highly recommend checking them out! Their Venue is stunning.

We have received so much support from the community of Pilot Point and are incredibly & forever grateful! Y'all are AMAZING!!

Cheers to this next year! We are excited to see what the future holds for both the business and our family. 

God Bless!!

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